Upgrade your boating Experience: SMARTtransom products drive speed and economy improvements in the pre-planing and planing speed ranges for outboard powered boats.

Viagra originale in vendita Whether you enjoy fishing saltwater tournaments, tendering the local harbor, feeling the exhilaration of high speed operation, or freshwater fishing, SMARTtransom has a product to get you there with softer ride, in less time, burning less fuel, and with improved visibility. Check out the test data and videos in this section to experience the http://farmaciagrande.com/ SMARTtransom advantage…


Bass Boat


New 2007 - Grady-White Boats - 225 Tournament

get link SALTWATER/TOURNAMENT FISH – Recently we tested a Grady White 225 Tournament with 225hp Yamaha 4S, baseline and then with SMARTtransom. Click on the performance plot below to see the SMARTtransom difference.


proscar online pharmacy uk medicines MULTI-SPECIES/WALLEYE BOAT – We evaluated the boat’s response, fuel efficiency and speed improvements with a SMARTtransom product installed. Not only was minimum planing speed reduced by more than 500 RPM, fuel economy in the low cruise ranges increased significantly. Click on the performance plot below to see these unique improvements.


SMARTtransom TM helps make 3 to 4's navigable with control

http://acrossaday.com/?search=sales-cialis THE TENDER/RIB – Some say, “the smaller the boat the greater the fun.” The 15’9″ Nautica widebody is an example of a small center console that packs a big punch in the safety, security, and fun category. SMARTtransom elevated this boat’s performance in terms of visibility, ride quality, and speed throughout the entire operating range. Check out the following two slides for a detailed review of benefits:





http://buy-generic-clomid.com HI-PERFORMANCE, SPORT and BASS – Check our recent test and running videos of the Hydrostream Vulture XT:

In the 20′  Hydrostream Vulture XT test we evaluated the boat’s high speed efficiency, handling and stability with SMARTtransom on board. This test was run by a skilled operator, under carefully monitored conditions. The operator was wearing personal protective gear, an approved life jacket, and the safety lanyard. This boat picked up 7 mph versus the original boat set-up. The original set-up included a manual transom lift with 8″ set-back with the engine propshaft 2.25″ below the boat bottom. The SMARTtransom provided an additional 6.5″ of setback. And as the boat had increased stern lift and ran higher speeds with SMARTtransom (86-92 mph vis 85 mph), the engine was incrementally elevated to reduce gearcase lift and allow the transom to set. SMARTtransom tailfeather afterplanes created lift in the expanding water and air mixture exiting the boat’s transom tunnels. This resulted in good directional stability and lengthening of the hull aero/hydro form.

And the engine doing the carving was a stock, 220hp Mercury Laser XRi (circa late 80’s/1990), with stock fuel system and original shock mounts. Because this boat is capable of running above the documented hydrodynamic blowout speed of the gearcase which is 87-88 mph, the engine’s gearcase was modified with the addition of a Bob’s Machine Shop nose cone.  The propeller used was a lab finished 14-1/4″ x 30″ pitch Mercury Chopper, purchased at the Prop Shop in Mukilteo, WA. The 30 pitch Chopper pushed the boat to 92 mph with the engine trim neutral or slightly negative, and the engine turning 6300 rpm.