SMARTtransom allows you to comfortably coexist with others enjoying the boating experience

viagra cialis drug class click SMARTtransom can improve cruising visibility and improve comfort for those in your boat, and others on your boating waters. The following videos show boating run angles and improved line-of-sight where this vessel saw a reduction in peak run angle of as much as 4 degrees. As you look at the video notice that the operator has a clear line of sight to the kayaker in foreground, at all times. Because of this potential for significantly improved visibility at peak run angles,  SMARTtransom can bring new levels of safety and relaxation to your boating environment, whether your powering up the waterway, or paddling a peaceful harbor.

enter site (disclaimer: Close quarters pass-by of paddler is used to demonstrate line-of-sight visibility with SMARTtransom products. Always maintain safe distance from others enjoying the waterways.)

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