SMARTtransom products can benefit Commercial and Government operators

generic propecia reputable forum source url SMARTtransom can benefit the recreational, commercial and government boat operator in the following ways:

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  • enter SMARTtransom creates an increased planing moment resulting in improved visibility, reduced vessel slamming loads, and when operated within reason, reduced operator whole body motion (WBM)
  • see url SMARTtransom reduces overall drag in a variety of operating regimes resulting in increased fuel economy, and boat speed
  • With SMARTtransom you can go farther, faster, and in greater comfort if the water kicks up
  • SMARTtransom allows you to operate with better visibility, running at whatever speed the mission requires
  • click By reducing fuel consumption SMARTtransom can significantly reduce your operating costs: Click on charts to enlarge.IMG_GW225TIMG_MultiSpecies

click The SMARTtransom® line of products are Patent Pending.